Vitrogres the mosaic company. Mosaic started being used more than 2000 years ago with the aim to create long lasting environments and images. It is inalterable and indestructible. We use glass as raw material and, after a complex manufacturing process, a high quality material is obtained, which successfully challenges time and weather erosion. Glass mosaic does not lose colour or gloss, retaining its appearance forever, while other coatings tend to get a matt and dull aspect. It is resistant to chemicals, both acids and alkaline, making it easy to wash and keep it clean. It ensures a good thermal insulation, providing the atmosphere with greater comfort. Glass mosaic's thermal expansion coefficient is minimum, thus ensuring the uniformity in the joints. It is easy to apply, which produces an excellent work finish. Mosaic is not a coating itself. It is a product which decorates, it does not only cover. Every bathroom, every kitchen, every swimming-pool and every space has its own identity with a uniform colour or a mixture, as our firm allows creating mixtures, designs, effects, gradations, offering an almost infinite range of possibilities. This is the main difference of Vitrogres: our market target is not just covering, it has never been its goal and it will never be. This is why the mosaic has lasted for thousands of years. It was conceived for art, and time and human vision used it for multiple applications, becoming a creative product designed to decorate environments with warmth, design and good taste. Vitrogres, the mosaic company from Vitoria-Gasteiz and the leading mosaic brand for decades, is the heir of the traditional quality of the mosaics manufactured in the North of Spain. Cradle of the mosaic in our country, Vitrogres makes a bet for original quality and discovering new possibilities and decorative uses. This has always been our main feature.
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