Wahana Architects

Wahana Architects

Architects from Jakarta, Indonesia
Bad architecture is in the end as much a failure of psychology as of design. It is an example expressed through materials of the same tendencies which in other domains will lead us to marry the wrong people, choose inappropriate jobs and book unsuccessful holidays: the tendency not to understand who we are and what will satify us." Alain de Botton - The Architecture of Happiness

We believe that architecture is all about life, not simply creating a form. Homes and buildings should not be designed without considering the human beings who will live in and use it. We believe that the lives and work of the people using a home or building should determine the form and design-not the other way around.

We seek to work with our clients so that the home or buildings works with the client's need. We believe that a building should also correlate with the personal taste, identity and social needs of the client.
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