The Upstairs House

The Upstairs House

Wahana Architects
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Fernando Gomulya
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Aluminium Alexindo
Water heaterariston
GlassAsahi Glass

Product Spec Sheet
Water heater
by ariston

The Upstairs House

Wahana Architects as Architects

This tropical modern abode stands on 560 sqm corner plot in a townhouse complex, in South Jakarta. Located in a densely populated area and immediately adjacent to a busy road, with no interesting views on its surrounding, were the main challenges for the architect in designing this house. It is the wish of the owner to have a house that has a strong interaction with the natural surrounding environment and natural landscapes, just like a holiday resort.


They hope that the house will be a place where their close friends and families would come and gather on the weekend. These needs are the main idea for the designer in order to design the house. We took a different approach while designed this house. While many regular houses place the private areas on a higher level, we consciously have the private areas such as bedroom areas on the lower level. This decision made simply because of the daily activities of the owners and their children. So they can access their bedrooms directly after a long tiring day.


Entering this house, people will be brought directly to an open stair located next to a garden and a reflection pool. The entrance stair then leads to the main entrance area. The craftmanship which considered as the architectural practice in Indonesia is strongly applied in this entrance area, which is all covered with re-used waste teak woods. The usage of this material gives more depth and texture to the space. It creates a strong visual effect, producing a new experience from a waste good treated in a new way.


The living room and dining room, along with other public areas which designed on the upper level, interestingly creates a more open and wide feel space. This might help the usage of this area as a public space, to have a communal and gathering area. The upper level which is surrounded with clear glass and partly covered with wood lattices also creates interspatial relations between the inside the building and the natural surroundings.


On the lower level, the wood lattices on the corridor leading to bedrooms, allows natural air to breeze into this area. The sound of the water from the reflection pond next to the semi outdoor corridor creates a strong resort feel to this area. It helps people to calm their senses after tiring daily routines, leading them to their own resting areas.


The children’s bedroom are designed with connecting courtyards. These wooden deck courtyards are filled with trees which grows through the void connected to the upper level. The presence of this courtyard is essential to the main concept of this building. On the other side, the main bedroom also has a courtyard with its own reflection pool and a vertical garden. This courtyard helps to give a non formal feeling to the bedroom area while creating a serene atmosphere.


The courtyards and the natural surroundings which integrated to some rooms and the material selection of this building, fulfills the client’s need to have a house with resort’s feel and tropical touch in the middle of a densely populated area. The courtyards and the landscapes not only become the main orientation of this house but also become an extension function space from the inside area.


Material Used :

1. Wood Deck - merbau wood 4x6 cm

2. Wooden lattice - merbau wood 5x10 cm

3. Glass - Asahi

4. Aluminium - Alexindo

5. Carport - andesite

6. Terrace - andesite

7. Sanitair - TOTO

8. Child Room’s Door - double teak

9. Living room’s door - solid teak door

10. Master room’s door - solid merbau

11. Ceiling - Jaya gypsum

12. Paint - Mowilex

13. AC - split & cassette

14. Stairs - merbau board

15. Corridor - bambir teak wood

16. Roof - bitumen

17. Water heater - ariston

18. Master Bathroom - local marble

19. Child bathroom’s door - granite tile 60x60 cm

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