A history of ongoing work on the product, expertise in the material and constant search for quality, functional and aesthetic.

This is the essence of ECLISSE, company born in 1989 from a know how built since the 60’s, in the metal carpentry workshop of Luigi De Faveri.

In over 30 years the company has grown by fully committing to research and innovation, as well as valuing the synergy of people deeply involved in the ECLISSE vision. The consistent extension of the product range, combined with the ability to innovate in parallel products and processes, led to a progressive and encouraging development in the Italian market and abroad.

Today ECLISSE is a leading brand in the production of counterframes for sliding pocket doors and frames for flush and splayed hinged doors, it has more than 30 representative agencies, 2000 distributors in Italy, 10 subsidiary companies and more than 20 distributors in the world.


Our philosophy: Looking Further

The “Vediamo Oltre” (Looking Further) is the reflection of our philosophy: a promise we repeat every day, a commitment to see what others do not see, the meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to take nothing for granted. The synthesis of our work, what makes us different.


Moving towards perfection: frames designed to work at best

We strongly believe in the superior quality of our products and our purpose is to develop and manufacture counterframes that are innovative, sturdy, easy to install and to inspect, at any time. Our ambition is to revolutionize the concept of counterframe for sliding pocket door systems and to rethink the role of frames for flush and splayed hinged doors. We want to be the answer to every functional and space needs, constantly innovating our systems through practical and design solutions.


What we do: our production

Counterframes for sliding pocket door systems are made to be installed inside the wall and allow sliding doors to slide in it and disappear completely to view. A counterframe, once installed, becomes part of the wall, but at the same time it allows for a door to slide properly inside of it.

Frames for flush hinged doors allow installation of door panels perfectly flush to the wall, for an effect of total linearity.


How we do it: our way of thinking

We started by listening to users and installers, with the aim of developing new ideas and excellent solutions. More than 30 years and 40+ patents later, we have not yet ceased to perfect ourselves.

Our goal is to ensure a reliable, robust and cutting-edge product for those who choose ECLISSE. Only those who choose ECLISSE chooses a perfect performance, no surprises and no compromises.


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