The identity that supports the projects developed by the firm, with headquarters in Mexico City since 1979, comes as a result from the fact that there is not an ulterior ideology norming the form, the language or the materials used; the team work is aside from unique discourses ascribed to any project. For Pascal Arquitectos each practice, each creation is the outcome of particular and determining factors such as available resources, social or location context, everything is exhaustively analized. The commitment is at the same time with the client and the final user, as well with the environment and the city. All the above is based upon a unique research process and experimentation using new materials and technologies. The atelier comprises a polyfunctional group whose development does not depends on typology specialization that can become creativity and innovation restraint. For this reason at Pascal all kind of projects are produced: residential, corporate, contract and hospitality, temples or ritual spaces besides developing –depending on each particular case, the architecture, the interior and furniture design up to the lighting and landscape design too. The work of the past thirty years have left a lot of knowledge and experience. Amongst the more representative are the Sheraton “Centro Histórico” hotel, located in front of the Alameda Central; and Meditation House, in Bosques de las Lomas, that has been worldwide recognized with numerous awards. The firm has also venture into restoration and recycling projects catalogued as historical and artistic buildings, an example is the the original Bolivia building –designed in 1962 by architect José Villagrán. The atelier’s work has been widely published.
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