Magnum stone
Magnum stone
Austral Masonry

The Magnumstone retaining wall system was developed with the installer in mind. Magnumstone’s durable, high shear strength concrete SecureLugs fit into the lower units’ hollow cores, allowing significant lateral movement without losing unit to unit interlock. Tapered sides make it easy to build to build tight curves and straight walls with complete accuracy. Magnumstone’s large vertical and horizontal hollow cores filled with gravel, along with its high strength SecureLug, provide a superb geo grid to block connection. This product is a 621kg block which is installed at a rate of 13sqm hour for the bases and 26sqm and hour for the wall blocks. Due to the sheer size of the block unlike other retaining wall systems minimal digging is required which eliminates site issues of digging into rock. Also due to the weight of the block you can achieve higher heights without having to use any concrete or geo-grid.

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