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We have launched a completely new colour collection, developed in collaboration with Scandinavia's leading experts in colour and architecture. Re:Colour is about safeguarding place identities and good use of colour in urban areas. Test colours on buildings


Bring back the colours of your architecture
Based on historical colours in urban areas, here we present a selection of hues and shades chosen to inspire creative expression. The colors aren't trendy, or made to keep up with fashion. These colors are timeless, honest, and full of meaning.


Why are colours important in urban and urban development?
A brand new colour collection, developed in collaboration with Scandinavia's leading colour experts. The colours make it easy to safeguard place identities and correct use of colour in urban areas.

The new colour map emphasizes a cultural-historical colour character, and is based on cultural-historical combinations from the Baroque to modernism.


Steni Colour Reuse – A sustainable alternative

Steni Colour façade panels have a 60-year functional warranty and over 100 years of life expectancy, so we believe they are well suited for sustainable reuse. As a response to several global environmental challenges, we have therefore developed and launched the Steni Colour Reuse.


Steni Colour


There is perhaps nothing that inspires the human spirit more than colours – and beautiful surfaces. Steni Colour is a facade panel that creates unique and exciting buildings. It is a sound choice to add colour to your world. There are 60 standard colours to choose from, as well as three gloss levels: matt, half matt and high gloss.


Steni Colour guarantees a maintenance-free facade for 40 years, with a high resistance to sun, rain, heat and cold.


Steni Colour can be installed on facades at any time of year, irrespective of the temperature and weather conditions.


Steni Colour facade panels are fibreglass-reinforced polymer composite panels with a smooth surface of electron-beam-cured acrylic (100 per cent acrylic, without the use of solvents).


Steni Colour is supplied in 60 standard colours and three different gloss levels: M (matt), HM (half matt) and HG (high gloss).


Formats: Min. width: 196 mm Max. length: 3,495 mm


Product features: Water-resistant Eco-friendly UV-resistant Format-flexible Impact-resistant Simple to keep clean Best warranty on the market Numerous colours and gloss levels

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