Mobilis interactive exhibition building

Mobilis interactive exhibition building

Építész Stúdió
Győr, Hungary
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Mobilis interactive exhibition building

Építész Stúdió as Architects

INTRODUCTION The area for the design is in-between the Győr University campus and the North-western pe-rimeter of the city with detached family houses. On the other hand, this is the place where the city meets the floodplain of the river Danube. The development and the architectural behavior had to react to the features of the site, offering a solution for the turn of scale and structure in city landscape and "backdoor-like" situation. The special function called for a building with a unique identity and icon-like form. In spite of the fact that the building site is now part of the campus area, in the beginning of the design it was an independent plot that strongly determined the shape of the building. Accord-ing to the local regulations and requirements, it was impossible to include all the functions on a single floor.

ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT The rectangular coordinate system of the university buildings gives a special characteristic to the area of the campus. This strict system meets the environmental landscape and the irregular shoreline. The heterogeneous environment allowed for following the dominant academic sys-tem or for using a new, self-conscious form. The designed solution looks like an individual entity, but hidden inside it contains the campus coordinate system. The shape of the floor plan - based on the Reuleaux triangle - is decidedly different from the strict environment. It follows gently the shape of the landscape, the irregularity of the site borders and reacts to the curved shoreline. The inner core that goes through the whole building vertically from below to the top fits just right in the rectangular system. This duality is likely to generate positive tension inside and outside. It unifies static and dynamic elements, it draws the attention with its simple and rational form, and it is capable of independent living in this heterogeneous environment.

FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The Mobilis project is an exhibition building that houses interactive exhibitions of the machine and car manufacturing industry, and the connecting innovative projects of the university. The parking and maintenance rooms are located below the mass of the building. The actual ground floor is on the second level just a bit above the street and it contains the public area, the service rooms, offices and the first level of the exhibition. The second floor is a sealed place for the exhibition only, and we use the rooftop terrace for an outdoor exhibition.

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