Archello Awards 2023 Winners – Products
Marca Corona

Ganadores de los Premios Archello 2023 - Productos

12 dic. 2023  •  Archello Awards  •  By Collin Anderson

Los Premios Archello 2023 han revelado los productos seleccionados como ganadores de cada una de las categorías de los premios de este año.

Las 17 categorías aquí enumeradas reconocen productos destacados que pueden especificarse para proyectos de todo tipo, y abarcan desde productos de tecnología de la construcción hasta productos para fachadas, así como para interiores y espacios exteriores. En cada una de las categorías se premió un producto por votación del jurado y otro por votación del público. Los ganadores fueron seleccionados de una lista de finalistas de cada categoría, así como para un premio general al mejor producto.



Roof Cladding of the Year


SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tile (jury winner)
Tejas Borja
SOLAR Flat-5XL ceramic roof tiles are the only large ceramic tiles with an integrated solar energy system. They are ideal for providing a reliable supply of solar energy. Thanks to the integration of the solar panel i...


SunStyle Solar Roof (Europe)
SunStyle Solar Roof is



Blinds of the Year


SolarTrac 4.0 (jury winner)
Mecho’s state-of-the-art automated shading system has been enhanced to make shade automation easier and more efficient than ever. Designed to maximize the natural daylight in your building, increase energy efficiency...


Child Safe Bottom-up Top-down Blinds and Shades (public vote winner)
Fenstermann LLC
Fenstermann developed and patented (pending) world's first child safe blinds and shades that open bottom-up and top-down. Available Now!



Window Frame of the Year


ah! Invisible Frame (jury winner + public vote winner)
Invisible frame system further emphasizes the minimalism feature by concealing the frame below the finished floor, walls and ceiling. It provides a threshold-free transition between inside and outside as the space bet...



Facade Cladding of the Year


Gendai (jury winner)
Nakamoto Forestry
Gendai is the most commonly specified shou sugi ban


Stripes (public vote winner)
Thermory’s Stripes series gives your walls a stylish open look while offering weather protection and easy installation of closed-jointed cladding.




Office Furniture of the Year


Pippin Chair (jury winner)
Introducing Pippin, NaughtOne’s first flexible mobile lounge chair. Pippin combines comfort, style and mobility into a compact lounge, with a strong sustainability agenda. Flexible, movable furniture oft...


LIKO-S OASIS (public vote winner)
The smart modular meeting room LIKO-S OASIS® aims to elevate the business meeting experience.

Home Furniture of the Year


Yuzu (jury winner)
Yuzu is a small - but very comfortable - armchair with a big personality. Design-wise iconic, and looking slightly like a small and cute animal, or maybe even a fictional Japanese Pokemon character. The organic and so...


My Portal mirror (public vote winner)
The wall design studio
The inspiration for “My Portal Mirror” was the most elegant interpretation of quantum mechanics idea about the parallel universe and we agree they probably exist and we need to enter another world. The mir...



Kitchen Product of the Year


The PLAIN Collection (jury winner)
An exercise in simplicity, the PLAIN collection balances functionality with a modernist sensibility. Blending in or a standout, it is designed to effortlessly integrate with and adapt to its surroundings and users.


Mythos Masterpiece collection (public vote winner)
Franke Home Solutions
A specially curated selection of handmade bowls including taps, soap dispensers, overflows and a push ...



Bathroom Product of the Year


Isy22 (jury winner)
Zucchetti. | Kos
Isy22 is the new collection of taps designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Isy with a unique, essential, innovative and cutting-edge new system, enriched by...


AXOR Drain (public vote winner)
AXOR Drain elevates the shower drain to an object of design that completes the look of any AXOR bathroom. Available in the same rich range of AXOR FinishPlus colors and surfaces as the AXOR collections and programs, A...



Lighting of the Year


Koinè (jury winner)
Elegance and purity of style characterise this set of suspension lamps named Koinè - both in reference to the Mandalaki design studio (Greekword meaning “clothespin”) and for its meaning of “s...


Octo (public vote winner)
O/M Light
Great things from small packages: introducing Octo, one of the smallest possible downlights. A tiny chameleon for any application, its advanced optics provide the perfect balance of almost-invisible integration and vi...



Ceiling of the Year


GROOVE DESIGN (jury winner)
Wood wool panels with GROOVE DESIGN finish are the ideal application for sound-absorbing cladding in rooms such as restaurants, hotels, offices, shops and generally highly crowded environments. They provide adequate a...


TEMPERA (public vote winner)
Curve Works
PANELS WITH ACRYLIC RESINWith TEMPERA we offer our most environmentally friendly resin solution. Additionally, the reinforcing fibres and structural core are fully recoverable at end-of-life.TE...



Wall Finish of the Year


Solid Wood Tambour (jury winner)
Surfacing Solution
Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards.


Miniature Fornace (public vote winner)
Marca Corona
Miniature is the container for the collections in the new 6x24 cm small size of Marca Corona, a collection that tells of the skilful magic of tradition and innovation, aesthetics and research. The small size is a trea...



Interior Wall of the Year


EXPO (jury winner)
EXPO makes any space adaptable and dynamic. With the click of a button, you can instantly transform from fully open space to individual meeting areas. The telescoping door system features single or double framed glass...


Teatro (public vote winner)
Teatro partition system is fully customizable, an ideal instrument to meet the needs of a contract and residential market that requires highly versatile and modular spaces. Designed by Andrea Boschetti, the Te...



Door of the Year


EXEDRA2 Double pocket door system (jury winner)
Exedra2 is the innovative and exceptionally-performing evolution of the Exedra pocket door system which, thanks to its ingeniously-engineered mechanism, enables the simultaneous opening of two linked doors. Th...


KA-200 Swing Door (public vote winner)
Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret
The interax KA-200 swing door mechanism is designed to create functionality for all kind of doors. It is very easy to transform...



Floor of the Year


TerrazzoBasic (jury winner)
Timeless beauty: terrazzo in its most basic form. PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic is the ideal choice for the production of mineral decorative flooring which can be quickly used and laid – on insulation, separating l...


Pony tail herringbone 60° (public vote winner)
Pony tail herringbone 60° American Walnut Winter Patterns, herringbone and chevron (hungarian herringbone): unlimited imagination; games of species and dimensions for every request. Finish: America...



Building tech

Building Tech of the Year


LAMBERTS LINIT EcoGlass (jury winner)
The concept of EcoGlass is based on nine pillars making it one of the most sustainable construction products..


BubbleDeck Technology (public vote winner)
BubbleDeck International A/S
Build more with less


Outdoor Furniture of the Year


TIBO (jury winner)
Tibo is a new combined bench and table system for indoor and outdoor use designed by Mark Gabbertas for Allermuir.Tibo takes the familiar typologies of the outdoor picnic table and the indoor work bench, combine...


Connect (public vote winner)
Pratic S.p.A.
Connect is the first bioclimatic pergola that brings together the essence of open-air life with the pleasure of total privacy. An exclusive space, created with mirrored walls that multiply the beauty of the context, a...




Building Product of the Year


Koinè (jury winner)
Elegance and purity of style characterise this set of suspension lamps named Koinè - both in reference to the Mandalaki design studio (Greekword meaning “clothespin”) and for its meaning of “s...


PARTHOS meeting table (public vote winner)
The PARTHOS table collection is characterised by its stylish, elegant design, with well-thought-out shapes that spark collaboration. Whether in meeting rooms, collaboration spaces or relaxation areas, the PARTHOS tabl...

For the Planet Award


Vulcan Shingles (jury winner)
Wood products play a significant role in the circular economy.  The circular economy is an economic model that aims to minimise waste and maximise the use of resources. At Abodo we have created a product from def...


SunStyle Solar Roof (public vote winner)
SunStyle Solar Roof is


Los Premios Archello son un programa de premios mundial asequible y estimulante que celebra los mejores proyectos de arquitectura y productos de construcción del mundo. Tras el éxito de la primera edición de este año, los Archello Awards 2024 ya están abiertos y aceptan candidaturas.