A Single Family Townhome in L´Horta Sud
Diego Opazo

A Single Family Townhome In L´Horta Sud

Juan Marco arquitectos como Arquitectos

This house is located in the HortaSud region, which is close to the city of Valencia and enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate.

In the process of urban expansion, the small-area townhouses have been formed in recent years and are still developing.

The program requirements are organized in a compact way and towards the street, which is to generate as much exterior space as possible and provide the best orientation at the same time of protecting as much privacy desired by future users. The main body is recessed to receive the maximum light on a narrow plot; where depth will affect the lighting and ventilation.

The house is accessed by ascending an external pedestrian ramp, while the other side extends down to the basement. As a solution, the first floor, where the living room and kitchen are located, is separated from the party wall and integrated with light and breeze from the east. The living room is twice as tall as the glazing of the solarium which allows it to receive more light and is related to the rear terrace and garden.

The upper body contains the most private areas. The bedroom faces the facade of the Carrer de la Llibertat in the north, with a fully glazed enclosure which is protected by a device of prefabricated pieces of brise-soleil. Between this structure and the glass enclosures, there is a small garden, which creates a more abstract image of the house, leaving the evidence of habitability in the background and behind the vegetation.

The arrangement of the other rooms, which are antechambers to the bedroom, are more flexible and they are connected to the staircase, the terraces, and the garden.

This organization of the program integrates the specific and qualifying spaces with those spaces that work de-programmatically (opening up possibilities, either as filters or as intermediate spaces). Some of the intricacies in the longitudinal section, as well as the site’s occupation strategy, will contribute to the construction of a bright, wide homescape that is accompanied by nature. Complicity between users and a concept of habitability.

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