Library in Singuerlin
Adrià Goula Sardà
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Architectural Mesh for enclosureCODINA
Windows and interior wallsJansen
Compact model. Wall finishesFormica Group
Kayar model. PavementArtigo
Wall finishes (cinema)TOPAKUSTIK® - NH Akustik + Design AG
Interior wallsKnauf

Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Architectural Mesh for enclosure
Windows and interior walls
por Jansen
Compact model. Wall finishes
Kayar model. Pavement
por Artigo
Wall finishes (cinema)
Interior walls
por Knauf

Library in Singuerlin

Taller 9S arquitectes como Arquitectos

Comprehensive intervention on the top floor of a disused market, to convert it into a new cultural center for the neighbourhood (library, bar and cinema). Transformation of a massive VOLUME, closed and geometrically confused, in an open space, diaphanous and representative. From the obligatory response to site constraints (existing structure, easements for the facilities, low ceiling ...) is designed a light building, without closures, without interior walls, simply a part of PUBLIC SPACE conveniently bounded, climatized and equipped.

photo_credit Adrià Goula Sardà
Adrià Goula Sardà

With punctual operations of acupuncture in the existing mass it is given to the new space, light, air, visual relationships ... The resulting space, completely clear, is defined only by the continuous DECK plan (which is cut to let in light), by three VOLUMES of metal skin (which concentrate the auxiliary spaces to release the rest of space ) and a SKIN of mesh made of stainless steel which limits and qualifies internal space, enhances the dialogue inside-outside and regulate lighting and energy flows.

photo_credit Adrià Goula Sardà
Adrià Goula Sardà

The new skylights, the new central courtyard, the skin tissue, etc.allow to maximize the use of natural light, ensure the most suitable conditions for the use of library and minimize the energy consumption due to artificial lighting. The perimeter landscaped courtyards, which are generated because the existing drop between interior and exterior, qualify the indoor space and the urban environment, before too grey.

photo_credit Adrià Goula Sardà
Adrià Goula Sardà

In contrast to existing structure, heavy and stiff, is superimposed a light construction, made from prefabricated materials and components easy assembly (and disassembly). The facades (modules of steel mesh, sheet metal modules), cover (aluminium plates, pieces of precast concrete), the partitions (dry partitions, metal profiles, glass), finishing (Trespa panels, rubber flooring) reflect a desire to minimize waste and energy costs, both in construction and in the future (if it is any) deconstruction.

photo_credit Adrià Goula Sardà
Adrià Goula Sardà

Biblioteca Salvador Cabré – Singuerlin, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, España

CODINA como Architectural Mesh for enclosure

La Biblioteca Salvador Cabré – Singuerlin ubicada en el municipio de Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) es el resultado de una intervención integral en la planta superior de un antiguo mercado en desuso. T9 Arquitectos ha diseñado un edificio ligero, sin fachadas, y con un interior sin paredes. El espacio diáfano resultante se define únicamente por el plano continuo de cubierta, por tres volúmenes metálicos de color y una piel perimetral de malla de acero inoxidable que limita el espacio, enriquece el diálogo interior-exterior y regula sus flujos energéticos y lumínicos. Esta piel metálica se ha resuelto con los modelos EIFFEL 40100 and EIFFEL 4050 de Codina Architectural.


Ubicación: Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona
Arquitectos: Taller9s
Aplicación: Cerramientos, barandillas
Modelo de malla arquitectónica: EIFFEL 40100 y EIFFEL 4050
Técnica de fijación: TF-60


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