Sweet & Sour | Candy Shop Design house 2020
Jaime Navarro

Sweet & Sour In a house from the 1940's in Lomas de Chapultepec converted into coworking, Faci Leboreiro converted a 15 m2 office space into an ephemeral candy shop, which stands out for its pastel colors.

FACI LEBOREIRO como Arquitectos

In a Californian-style house from the 1940s in Lomas de Chapultepec converted into a coworking space, Faci Leboreiro converted a 15 m2 office space into an ephemeral candy store, which took less than 14 days to build. Contrasting the Californian architecture of the house, they turned it into a space suitable for all types of public, breaking the monotony of a workspace designed only for adults. Through the use of pastel colors on the wall and the mirror that helps to give a feeling of spaciousness to the space, together with the tubes that contain around 15 thousand sweets which will be given to visitors to the space.

The main objective is that each space manages to stimulate the senses of each user, that is why we create an atmosphere where the "now" is fully enjoyed, where the energy of each person is transformed and they feel in a different environment, away from the that is being lived. Sweet & Sour is a sensory experience, full of color, light and flavor, that hopes to develop emotions different from those we have been experiencing, spreading sweetness and joy, inspiring warmth and comfort. In each candy that is distributed, we share a little fun, hope and happiness in the new edition of Design House 2020, being the first hybrid edition with controlled virtual and face-to-face visits.

Faci Leboreiro

Photo: Jaime Navarro

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