House DWG

House DWG

UAU Collectiv 建築家 として

A landscape fit for daydreaming provides the incentive to design a building with a serene impression. Unity in form and materialisation are characteristic for the basic volume that is designed over 2 levels by means of cuboid shaped volumes. Different integrated patios search for a contact between interior and exterior. Further, the ground floor volume is conceived more largely and shifted in relation to the upper floor in order to create an interesting outdoor area, awnings and terraces. The house has a strong horizontal appearance because of the play of meeting points between “floating” volumes and walls that are continued from inside to outside.

At the side of the street the house is seemingly conceived as closed to maintain maximal privacy. The living and working areas open from the inside towards the patios, which ensures a maximal openness and a pleasant living and working quality with a lot of day light. At the rear façade the ground floor level is partially enlarged by a transparent outside area that is created by shifting the upper floor in relation to the ground floor. This openness at the southwest side is maximised by using large glass sections and makes the living areas come into contact with the garden side so that boundaries between inside and outside seem to fade.

On the ground floor all the living areas can be found, as well as a limited working area and a couple of technical functions. The working and living functions are maximally directed towards the landscape and the outdoor area while the more technical/secondary functions are conceived in a rather closed way. Minimalistic, timeless and serene are concepts with which the interior is designed. An atmosphere of tranquillity is created by choosing earth tones and natural materials.

The upper floor comprises all sleeping functions. Here, too, the different rooms are situated around internal patios and voids in order to continue the concept of openness, light and space. The material and colour palette of the ground floor level are continued so that a sleeping level, bathing in tranquillity and serenity, is created. The basement level is a purely technical level that by means of an indoor car elevator provides space for the storage of 3 cars. Its size was determined by the poorer quality of the soil.

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