NVD House

Studio Arthur Casas 建築家 として

Placed in a land with a native forest surrounding it, the NVD house was designed in order to attend the wishes of a couple with three children: having a weekend residence for relaxing and leisure moments to the family. Located in the interior of São Paulo, the project consists on a dynamic mix of volumes, creating great spans and cantilevers. It is in these different volumes that the whole house’s program is distributed, taking advantage of the maximum integration between the ambiences and of the amplitude of the spaces.


The lower volume, lined with rustic granite and wall texture, accommodates the service, the sauna and the spa areas. Above it, the main and intermediate volume appears; this one corresponds to the ground and access floor. L-shaped and with a raw wall texture, concentrates the social and guest spaces, with an intimate room, three guests suites, kitchen, top overlooking the forest and a 20 meters span-living room with fireplace, terrace and barbecue pit.


This volume stands out as it detaches from the house body in a great cantilever, structural challenge solved by prestressed beams.  Its green roof efficiently integrates home and landscape, working as a sustainable solution for thermal balance.

Finally, the upper volume, with a wood-appearance aluminum aspect, accommodates the master suite, the office space and three suites for the children. The balconies of this intimate area offer a view and an access to the green roof. Thus, the house makes the most out of the golf course and the vegetation sight.


The Interiors Design was made by Noura Van Dijk. The Landscape Project was designed by Luis Carlos Orsini, who was able to offer a harmonious continuity to the surrounding forest.



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