Davvero! Italian restaurant & café

Davvero! Italian restaurant & café

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Davvero! Italian restaurant & café

ITALIANBARK als Uitgevers

Arch. Elisabetta Rizzato (founder of ITALIANBARK - interior design blog) and Simona Nurcato (founder of Bagni dal Mondo) designed for Italian restaurant and café DAVVERO! a simple branding identity and a cosy interior space.

The idea for the corporate identity starts from the Italian aperitivo tradition - symbolized by Campari red and olive green, matched with white to evoke our flag - and developed in the logo design, as DAVVERO! "V" transformed into an aperitivo glass. The idea becomes stronger in all the branding identity and in the website design.

The interior design - developed on a distance with online basis - is cosy and it mixes Italian and Australian moods in a rustic clean style. A bright space where white and natural wood are the background for the colourful made in italy items sold in DAVVERO!, which besides a restaurant is also a retail space selling Italian original products. The interior furnishing combines many tailor-made furniture pieces, designed in order to get the maximum of the interior layout, with accessories and lighting from ikea (ex. Hektar lamps customized with rope) and from online stores (ex. the Chesterfield style sofa, from an online store selling vintage items).

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