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by Sky Factory
  • Defines a space visually for relaxation or productive engagement
  • Offers a compelling visual focal point in continuous open interiors
  • Brings the restorative attributes of Biophilia to occupants
  • Visually anchors a diverse range of interior décors
  • Easy-to-specify and install cloud system with pre-cut components



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Sky Factory
Sky Factory
United States

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Ceiling Accessories

Product Specs

Ceiling suspension system

The INFINITY SkyCeiling is a suspended, image-based ceiling cloud designed for high ceilings and open plenum spaces. This circular virtual skylight generates a visceral experience of vertical space when viewed directly underneath its circumference. When viewed from any other vantage point, INFINITY transforms into an oblong luminous oculus. 


The INFINITY SkyCeiling is designed to introduce an element of visual comfort by providing a relaxing or biophilic focal point. While acoustic clouds are commonly used in a wide variety of corporate and commercial spaces, exposed ceiling environments often stand out for their complex and assorted planes.


The INFINITY SkyCeiling invites occupants to lift their gaze, experience the beauty of Sky Factory’s multisensory illusions, and relax.

Sky Factory’s photographic Open Sky Compositions™ are the only images of their kind to have earned environmental design awards for their multisensory properties (visual and spatial cues).


INFINITY’s biophilic presence offers an ideal visual counterpoint to Armstrong’s noise reduction ceiling clouds commonly installed in lobbies, lounges, cafeterias and other public spaces.

Its explosion of vertical space, color, and light complements any array of acoustic ceiling clouds or it can hold its own as a single focal point.


The INFINITY SkyCeiling imbues contemporary interiors with calibrated daylight-quality light (correlated color temperature 6500K) filtered through the company’s research-verified, overhead sky imagery—Open Sky CompositionsTM—the only sky imagery of its kind to be deliberately designed to trigger a multisensory effect on the observer, resulting in deep relaxation. 

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