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All About Bar counters

Bar counters as the name suggests are areas where drinks are served. Typically for licensed establishments, mini bars and customized bars are designed for private residences and other properties too.

Depending on the overall size of the structure, bar counters and stools provide a huge variety of options. While some bar stools come with the adjustable seating, some are fixed height. Usually bar counters are linear in shape but may be customised as per the requirements of the customer.

Bar counters are manufactured in a way that requires little maintenance and they should be easy to clean. They should not absorb dirt and dust as they should be non-porous. Non-porous materials such as glass minimize the presence of bacteria. Typically a damp cloth is required for the regular cleaning of bar counters. Bar counters are made to be highly durable and resistant to heat and moisture.

Stylish and innovative bar designs add to the aesthetic value of the bar. The smooth look of glass on bar counters in particular gives a modern and sleek contemporary look.

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