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All about Bathroom Countertops


A perfect bathroom design concept always focuses on incorporating a focal point in a bathroom. Renowned interior designers or architects make this focal point really powerful to influence the overall arrangement positively. A bathroom countertop is a perfect addition as a focal point. The functional and aesthetic value of a bathroom can be optimized by introducing a countertop that compliments bathroom floor and other accessories.

Various types of materials are used to make bathroom countertops. Most popular choices are composite, glass, quartz, marble, granite, corian, stainless steel, laminate, tile, concrete and engineered stone. Also available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors, countertops for bathrooms easily meet different types of design ideas and concepts.

Incredibility versatile, modern bathroom countertops come with an ideal mix of longevity, sophistication and ease of cleaning. It is highly important to select a countertop that holds up to daily use involving shaving cream, soap, toothpaste, curling irons and chemical hair dyes. Practical nature, coupled with aesthetically pleasing ambiance makes the perfect bathroom countertop.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom countertop style, there are many different choices available nowadays. Most popular countertop styles are traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, Victorian, transitional, neoclassical and many more.

Countertops made using a porous surface are not a good choice in a bathroom where activities such as applying cologne or lotion and putting on makeup are performed continuously. This is where material selection becomes an important consideration. A non-porous surface withstands the daily use of chemicals more effectively as compared to a porous surface. Additionally, it is child-friendly and extremely resistant to bacteria as well.

Glass, laminate, quartz and stainless steel bathroom countertops are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Choices expand to add concrete, marble, granite and tile when there is an interest in providing tender loving care (TLC) to bathroom counters. Laminate and tile countertops offer affordability, but they can’t provide the longevity of other materials like composite and stone.    

Each bathroom countertop material has its own unique appeal and functional benefits. The taste, attitude, budget, space and other preferences of the user influence the selection. Durable and strong, concrete is also affordable and versatile as a bathroom countertop material. Being a porous material, concrete needs to be sealed frequently. Laminate countertops are nonporous in nature with low-maintenance and high stain-resistance. There are engineered stone bathroom countertops that offer high longevity in combination with minimal maintenance.     

Glass bathroom countertops take the visual appeal of a bathroom to a different level. As a popular countertop material, stainless steel is highly stain-and-scratch-resistant with excellent durability and ease of maintenance. Marble offers a smooth surface, but it needs to be sealed regularly to withstand the exposure to chemicals. Another popular option is granite, which offers appreciable solidity and reliability. 


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