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All About Curtain Walls

These days curtain walling is seen widely in architecture. Curtain walling definitely enhances the appearance of any building where it is installed. Robust by nature, curtain walls are structural and designed to resist water and even withstand heavy wind loads. Typically, curtain walls are made up large of glass, but can also include solid insulated panels.

Curtain walls are most commonly seen in modern buildings. These type of walls are built to protect the building from different climatic condition, that is, from day to day drastic changes in the condition of the weather. Curtain walls act as defensive cover and protect the walls of multi-storied buildings for long lasting structural integrity, maintenance and thus providing better durability.

There are a wide variety of curtain panels available in the market such as aluminium fill, basic curtain fill, vision glass, stone, terracotta etc. Composite materials are often used to fill the panels of the curtain walls. The structure is designed especially to avoid excessive cold and heat by providing thermal insulation. This is done to bridge the gap between outer weather and inner environment. Safety of the building and optimal natural temperature control might be the main function of Curtain walls but besides this, they also provide an elegant outlook.

A special type of system is required to undertake regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of a curtain wall. If required, the external seals of the panel must be replaced at regular intervasl after careful and constant monitoring. If curtain walls are not maintained properly, they can decay and result in consecutive degradation of the walls, which will threaten the safety and security of the users. The chemical bonding material used to seal the curtain walls around the building provides additional waterproofing for the building.

Curtain wall manufacturing companies and installation service providers for such walls are typically in large demand. These days major corporate sectors, hospitals and other public buildings choose curtain walling solutions for their buildings. Not only does curtain walling lend an elegant look to the whole building, curtain walls add extra supportive features to protect the building considering all the safety and security options.

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