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Dome rooflights (22)

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All about Dome Rooflights

Dome rooflights are a cost-efficient and energy saving way of using natural light to illuminate building interiors. Made of strong, durable, and lightweight glass or polycarbonate, with an aluminium framework, dome rooflights can be installed on flat roofs and low curving roofs, and can be opened and shut manually or with electricity. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes, with different glazing options. commonly used roof lights come in square, rectangular, circular, dome, pyramidal, and trapezoid shapes, and glazing options include clear, opaque, self-cleaning glass and polycarbonate.

While they are generally used in tandem with regular, vertically installed windows, dome rooflights let in more natural light in comparison and can create a better ambiance. People tend to feel more at ease and can work better in naturally lit environments as opposed to areas that have artificial lighting. For this reason, incorporating natural light in building design is becoming a popular and growing trend in the construction industry. Dome rooflights can be an excellent choice for both commercial and residential buildings.

In addition to allowing more natural light, dome rooflights are double, triple, and quadruple glazed to provide sound insulation, allowing inhabitants to remain undisturbed from all surrounding exterior noises. The tough glass or polycarbonate dome can withstand heavy rain, heavy snow, hailstorms, and strong winds, and has an insulated PVC frame to conserve heat when necessary. Dome rooflights can be opened manually with an opening pole, but electric operated roof lights are a better idea for high-placed domes. Electrically operated or solar powered dome rooflights come with sensors to detect smoke and rain, opening the roof lights automatically in the event of the first and closing them at once in the event of the latter. Trickle ventilation allows fresh air to seep into the interior spaces even when the roof lights are kept closed.

Blinds fitted into the dome rooflights can help control the amount of light filtering into the interior space. On days when diffused or soft lighting is required, the blinds can be drawn shut manually or electrically. Roof lights with blinds may be a better option than opaque roof lights as customers are given a choice in the type of ambiance they want at a particular time.

Dome rooflights are fitted on kerbs on flat roofs and are fixed with screws. There are different kerb options, but tapered kerbs can help bring more natural light into building interiors. The power cables and operating mechanisms are hidden within the kerbs. They can be customized to meet the exact project requirements. If there are security concerns, the roof lights can be fitted with security bars.

The best Dome Rooflights on Archello

Our product selector can introduce you to a wide range of dome rooflights. If you require help with picking the right dome rooflights for your project, please get in touch and we can discuss pre-designed and bespoke options to meet your exact requirements. We can also offer assistance with installing dome rooflights.