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Exterior doors need to be durable enough to withstand regular exposure to the natural elements and must be strong enough to provide security, and, ideally, they should also create the right kind of impression for a particular property. Given the wide range of available choices, homeowners, architects, and designers can find exterior doors to meet most possible design and practical criteria. They can also order customized entry doors and front doors to meet any exact specifications.


Commonly, exterior doors are available in wood, steel, glass, fibreglass, and composite materials. Wood doors are suitable for both traditional and modern designs, and can give an elegant and imposing impression to a property. They can be more expensive than other types of entry doors though, and may require intermittent maintenance to protect them from the elements and from pest attacks. Steel doors are ideal for security purposes, and may be installed on their own or as secondary front doors after wooden entry doors. Steel doors may also be coupled with exterior doors of glass, fibreglass, and composite materials.


Exterior doors come in different designs like all panel front doors, glass panel entry doors, and dutch front doors. Panel front doors are popular choices for residences, while glass panel entry doors are generally installed in front lobbies, patios, and porches of homes, offices, hospitals, and other public and commercial buildings. Dutch entry doors, where the top and bottom sections can be opened and shut separately, are often installed as kitchen back entry doors, and are usually convenient for coralling in children and pets while letting the sunshine and fresh air in.


Given that exterior doors once installed are not generally replaced too often, it is a good idea for prospective buyers to carefully consider the material, design, strength, and durability of the exterior doors, and to take their time in making the right selection.


Spotlight Brand : Marvin Windows and Doors


Marvin Windows and Doors are based in Canada, and, with a stated philosophy of “Built Around You”, are known for making well-designed, energy efficient, and innovative exterior doors to the customer's exact specifications. Their sophisticated wood doors are made using high quality woods, and the large glass panels in these exterior doors are meant to create an impression of spaciousness while providing a grand view of the outdoors. The entry doors can be made energy efficient with exterior aluminium cladding.


Customers can purchase Marvin exterior doors directly or through company approved independent dealers. The dealers are equipped with sufficient knowledge about Marvin’s exterior doors and can guide customers through the selection, purchase, and installation process.


With exterior doors designed to be sturdy, dependable, and smooth to operate, customer satisfaction should be high with Marvin doors.


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Picking the right exterior doors for your property can be baffling if you don't know what to look for. Use our product selector to narrow down your choices to the exterior doors that meet your particular specifications. You can also get in touch with us if you need assistance with making the right choice and with installing the exterior doors of your choice.