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The concept of the commercial car garage is changing rapidly nowadays. Technological advancements and innovative thinking have brought in unbelievable transformation in terms of appearance and functionality. Utilitarian benefits have increased manifold and the various design options available can easily meet the varying parking needs of different commercial spaces.

There are several different types of car garages available today. The most common types include single level, multilevel, underground and automated. An automated car garage system is the preferred option in urban settings in order to accommodate high volumes of vehicles. This type of car parking system can be found in different styles and designs including mechanical, robotic, rotary and stacker systems.      

Dependence on horizontal space has become a big issue due to lack of space in big cities. Certain building rules and regulations also don’t allow commercial building owners to construct car garage spaces. Automated garages by contrast take advantage of vertical space to enhance parking efficiency and overcome limitations associated with space constraints.

The parking capacity of a conventional garage can be enhanced more than 15 to 20 times with solutions such as as tower parking systems that utilize vertical space optimally. In order to accommodate different height limitations, tower garage systems are designed and constructed in lower configurations. Automated control is another remarkable feature of a tower parking system. A large system can even accommodate up to 70 vehicles without taking up a large horizontal space.

There are also automated rotary garage systems that can be installed in different ways based on the space available and parking requirements. These types of garages can be installed one behind the other or next to each other. In addition to installation in outdoor spaces, vehicles can be enclosed to provide protection. Certainly one of the most efficient, dynamic and flexible solutions for car parking, rotary car garage systems can be blended with the city fabric or surrounding architecture. As an automated system, it is fully independent and the cost of hiring an operator can be eliminated.

Modern car garage or parking systems allow for different levels of automation ranging from a basic level to a highly sophisticated level. Popular options like the Bidirectional car garage system - also known as a puzzle parking system - are modular in nature and can thus extend in different directions. Extremely versatile, puzzle garage systems allow for the creation and addition of new stalls or they stack levels vertically, horizontally and underground based on the conditions of the installation site, height limitations, geometry and other related characteristics.

An automated car garage offers a consistent parking experience. In addition to offering less visual impact, this car parking system increases space efficiency, along with vehicle safety. With an automated vertical garage, people don’t need to walk through the parking garage. No driving is allowed and cars are moved automatically inside the garage. This aspect makes an automated car garage an environmentally-friendly option for parking a vehicle.

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