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Garden sofas (141)

Find products and manufacturers of garden sofas. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on availability, material, colour, characteristics, style, number of seats and brands. Read more

All About Garden Sofas

Garden sofas are a very popular type of garden furniture specifically designed for outdoor usage. As they are used outside, they are thus made with materials that are weather resistant and able to withstand extremes in climate, dust particles, rot, insects and sunlight exposure. Although highly durable, maintenance of garden sofas is however still required to ensure they last longer.  

Smartly designed garden sofas with cushions provide a comfortable outdoor seating space. Garden sofas are available in a variety of different designs, materials and styles and can be used with many other types of outdoor furniture. On a long summer day, garden sofas offer a comfortable space where one can sit and read books, for example. They also offer a perfect space for having long conversations with family and friends, as well as seating at garden parties. Garden sofas certainly add a magnificent appeal to any garden.

With garden sofas, one can choose from different materials including plastic, aluminum, steel, wrought iron, wicker, wood, synthetic resin and more. Plastic is an ideal sofa material for anyone looking for a lightweight option with little to no maintenance. Aluminum likewise is lightweight can be easily rearranged when required. Wrought iron is of a sturdy nature and durable at the same time. Different styles include modern and contemporary, colorful and vibrant, classic, vintage etc.

Although highly durable materials are typically used for garden sofas, due to environmental exposure maintenance becomes a necessity. It is advisable to clean garden sofas on a regular basis so as to get rid of unwanted dust particles and debris. Any type of stain caused on the sofa should be immediately removed as with time it will become more difficult to remove. For cleaning stains, it is advisable not to apply any kind of chemicals or cleaning agents. One can refer manufacturer’s guidelines as well to determine best cleaning methods.

Spotlight Company: Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve is a well-known architect. At Ramon Esteve Estudio, architecture and design are treated as holistic and indivisible concepts. In the portfolio of Ramón Esteve, one can find extensive experience in public projects including cultural, private buildings, sanitary, playful, interiors and restaurants. For products and designs, Ramon Esteve Estudio has collaborated with a number of renowned brands like Vibia, Vondom, Joquer. Known for designing and providing comfortable garden sofas, this company holds a significant position in the furniture industry.

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