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All About Hand Basins


A hand basin, or in other words a sink, wash basin or wash bowl is a plumbing fixture which is generally used to wash the hands. The hand basin consists of a bowl and a tap. The taps of these hand basins are designed to supply both hot and cold water. More advanced hand basin types include a spray feature which helps in washing the hands faster. These also have a strainer from where the water will be removed. Some wash basins even have an integrated soap dispenser too. The bowl of a hand basin is manufactured using ceramic, glass, plastic, granite, marble, steel, nickel and many more materials.

Hand basins are available in various models, in various design styles and levels of affordability. Top mounting sinks sit in a perfectly shaped hole on the counter top. A portion of the sink will be overlapping the counter top. A vessel sink is a free standing sink which is arranged on the counter top. The farmer’s sink is fitted on the counter top and its front part will be visible, that means the sink is not completely fit into the counter top. Butler’s sink is the rectangular large sized sink which is usually found at the restaurants or in more utility oriented areas.

Hand basins come in many different shapes and styles. An attractive hand basin offers high impact in terms of aesthetics. Clogging is the most common problem that any hand basin user faces. It is important for the users to take care that any unnecessary items won’t fall into the hand basin. Even small grains can accumulate in the strainer and block the whole pipe. Leaking of the drain basket is another problem that arises with a hand basin. It is better to be cautious about these problems. Regular servicing of these basins is thus important.


Spotlight company : Antonio Lupi Design Spa


A small workshop business now ranks amongst the best sanitary product manufacturing companies. Antoniolupi, the success story of this company is very inspirational. The main reason for the success of Antoniolupi is the passion and intuitiveness of Antonio Lupi. Now the company is known across the whole of Italy and is also known around the world. The company believes in delivering quality products for their customers.