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All about Hidden Kitchens

Contemporary lifestyle demands space conservation, especially in urban areas. With accommodation coming at a premium, it is prudent to explore ways to overcome space constraints. Certain intelligent savvy space-conserving ideas can save some valuable space in a kitchen. When it comes to saving kitchen space, one of the most preferred options is hidden kitchens.

Hidden kitchens do not put forward a concept of hiding a kitchen. This concept is more of smart space planning, disguising or masking for getting more work done in a confined space. Unnoticeably blending into a living room or being tucked away behind door, hidden kitchens utilize available space effectively and usually don’t achieve the look of a conventional kitchen.

One of the main advantages of having a hidden kitchen is that more space can be can freed-up even when there is a space constraint. This type of kitchen eliminates the need to maintain traditional kitchen countertops. Being a complex kitchen design concept, hidden kitchens demand the skills and expertise of an accomplished interior designer.

It requires a lot of planning to create a kitchen with a limited wall space. A hidden kitchen is designed without an island, a conventional sink, extended rows of cabinets, and also without compromising the efficiency of the cooking space. Modern design concepts focus on creating efficiently camouflaged, space-saving kitchens that offer all the functional benefits of a normal kitchen.

Many people often complain about the increased traffic in the kitchen area. This is an issue that affects hidden kitchens most when the living and kitchen spaces fuse into each other. This type of a situation creates a crowded appearance and things an turn convoluted. This issue can be best addressed with an Open and Shut kitchen concept because it allows the user to close away the kitchen comprehensively after use. 

Several people prefer wardrobe-style hidden kitchens nowadays. These types of minimalist kitchens can be disguised behind doors. Using breezy doors with slats, a visual symmetry can be achieved for a hidden kitchen. Innovative electronic panel doors are also used to create a unique charm and appeal, along with ease of use.

There is a misinterpretation among people that hidden kitchens are in no way connected to conventional kitchen design concepts. With some smart replacement of kitchen surfaces, the desired form and function of a hidden kitchen can be achieved. Effective utilization of corner spaces becomes very vital in such a situation. It is a good idea to install some small tables around the corners to create spaces for keeping essentials like different types of snacks. Coupled with diffused lighting, kitchen corners enhance the overall ambiance and eliminate the need for a traditional kitchen island.


Smart selection of kitchen appliances is also needed to make hidden kitchens practically efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Available in different design styles and shapes, these types of kitchens easily meet the varying needs of different people.

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