Prestige S.r.l.
Prestige S.r.l.

Prestige S.r.l.

Manufacturers from Via Matteotti, 7, Tezze sul Brenta, Italy

Situated in the Veneto Region, near Venice, and not far from the cities of Bassano del Grappa and Asolo, Prestige has found its ideal location in the lands of great artists such as Palladio, Canova and Giorgione; this area has a rich handicraft tradition, with high quality and accurate products, symbol of Italian style and design.

Prestige is inspired by these local traditions fully incarnating the elegance of Italian taste, which is re-elaborated and given new life by creating magnificent works of mastery and paying great attention to every small detail of the furniture and classic wood paneling it manufactures.

Located in an area which is famous for its handicraft and high attention to details, Prestige combines its classic furniture with the various functionalities of modern appliances. The accurate choice of the naturalness of each type of wood and the meticulous attention Prestige pays to every single detail are indeed the fundamental principles of our business, which boasts a long and thorough experience in the furniture industry, and contribute to the outstanding quality of our furniture.


Prestige handicraft studios are true furniture ateliers: here we do not simply make custom handmade furniture but we carefully test the functionality, paying special attention to the assembly of all parts and details of our furniture.

Over time, the company’s sales network has grown and consolidated, not only nationally, but also internationally, where, nowadays, Prestige has been investing to strengthen its presence, at the same time looking for trading markets.

In recent years, Prestige has taken part in the International Furniture Fair of Milan and the Worldwide Furniture Exhibition of Moscow; landmarks in the world of home-furnishing industry.

Production Process

Here at Prestige, we usually draw our inspiration from a raw idea for a new piece of furniture; then, through a process that goes from sketches to final design computing, we transform the client’s dream into reality. The feelings that will be transmitted within these spaces are already perceptible from the first sketch of the project.

We aim to develop a close collaboration with the customer. Our company’s vision will always have a tailor-made product: every piece of furniture is designed to reflect our customer’s desires. We create classic luxury furnishings that can be integrated in our modern era and that are not or will not be, subject to fashion trends. Moreover, thanks to the use of the latest technological advances, Prestige provides excellence in the quality of products.

Inspired by the shipyards where ship interiors are manufactured on dry land and then installed on the ships, Prestige has always pre-built all furnishings in its laboratories-atelier, so to verify and test each feature, identifying any flaws which need improvement. The different parts are then uninstalled and numbered before passing through the polishing stage; this extra step is taken to ensure greater efficiency and simplify the final assembly phase.

Due to a growing conscious awareness, Prestige wishes to communicate its commitment towards a professional growth, adopting “Social Responsibility” as a strategic and competitive management concept, in order to develop a new vision, increase the sense of belonging to the company and create a harmonious, positive and proactive work environment.


ISO 9001 International standard gives guidelines in order to achieve high quality performance and a better working process on all levels. ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide for ensuring an overall quality throughout each stage of production, thus giving companies a competitive and successful business.

Prestige has always followed the “Corporate Social Responsibility” policy, by satisfying the needs of its customers with great respect and consideration for all the people involved in the various activities and in the various manufacturing process stages, including our staff - which are one of our most important resources for the implementation of our projects - our suppliers and the whole community.

According to ISO 26000 Guidelines definition of CSR "The responsibility on the part of an organization for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour that contributes to sustainable development, takes into account the expectations of stakeholders. In accordance with country bye-law and consistent with international norms of behaviour; It is assimilated within the organization and practiced in its relationships.”

The leading idea is first and foremost shared by the senior management, who are supposed to make choices and perform a behaviour which will reflect this orientation.

Prestige is also committed to the responsible use of raw materials in full respect of the environment; the brand is indeed recognizable not only thanks to the production of luxury hand-made furniture, but also thanks to the ethical stance adopted by the company.