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All about Kitchen Countertops


As the site of food preparation, kitchen countertops have to play a challenging role. These hardworking surfaces come in different styles, designs, colors and patterns, along with several finish options that can be chosen. Kitchen countertops have evolved tremendously over the past five to six decades. It is not easy to pick the right option due to the availability of numerous choices.

Most important factors that influence the kitchen countertop designs are aesthetics, durability and function of the materials used. Selecting the right material is a very vital aspect. There are many different types of materials used to make kitchen countertops. Most common choices include ceramic, composite, wood, glass, marble, granite, concrete, slate, engineered stone, tile, soapstone, stainless, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum and synthetic. Each material has its own unique appeal and features ranging from durability, aesthetic appeal to functionality and ease of cleaning.

Taking more grinding than any other surface, kitchen countertops have to withstand constant cutting, kneading, chopping, cooking, washing and mixing activities. The most vital features to look for while choosing countertops are heat resistance, scratch resistance, shock resistance, sturdiness, durability, aesthetics and ease of cleaning and maintenance.  

With proper attention to feel, look, shade and texture, a signature countertop style can be achieved. Available at a variety of price points, suitable kitchen countertops can be chosen based on the budget of the individual user. Several home owners as well as restaurant owners mix and match kitchen worktops to make their kitchen trendy and stylish.

Adequate attention needs to be given to the kitchen layout while choosing kitchen countertops. Profile needs to be selected with proper care because the depth of the countertop tremendously influences the look of a kitchen.

Highly resistant to stain and heat, stainless steel is a suitable material for restaurant kitchens. Budget friendly kitchen countertop materials are tile and laminate with reduced longevity compared to other materials. Highly customizable, glass, marble and cement countertops are expensive but with excellent eco-friendliness and sustainability credentials.  


Manufacturer Spotlight : Cosentino


Cosentino is a premium manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom quartz surfaces in the world. Offering integrated solutions for kitchen under the brand names Silestone, Dekton, Sensa and Natural Stone, this manufacturer creates a unique and inviting atmosphere in a kitchen.

Cosentino kitchen countertop solutions are well known for their elegance, beauty and functionality. With a wide range of countertops in various colors, designs and textures, Cosentino is committed to meet the varying needs of different customers.

Design aesthetics, functionality and minimalism of Cosentino kitchen countertops combine well to create unique spaces with magical effect. Available in different finishes including polished, volcano and suede, Cosentino countertops offer elegant and inspiring design solutions. In addition to adding style and sophistication, the functional benefits of Cosentino products including longevity, environment friendliness, scratch resistance, shock resistance, sturdiness and heat resistance are also highly laudable.


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