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All About Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is one of the oldest flooring product commonly found in schools and hospitals. It’s natural qualities and affordability makes it a good choice for inexpensive flooring. Linoleum is made of natural materials such as linseed oil, resin, cork powder, broken down wood etc. and mostly used for commercial applications. Linoleum flooring is available in variety of colours and styles making it an attractive flooring option for professional designers. Also, it is a resilient flooring material which can compress and bounce back. Thus, it is one of the most classic flooring options used in homes and business applications.

Often times, linoleum is used for wet areas such as kitchen or bathroom. Linoleum falls in the category of resilient flooring, meaning that it is flexible and can restore its shape. This makes it easy to install in areas where harder flooring options are not suitable. The flexible and high quality of linoleum makes it a perfect material which can be used in buildings to provide rigidity and strength. Linoleum flooring enhances the appearance of floor and covers the scratches well. It needs little maintenance and can be installed easily on clean, smooth and flat surfaces. Due to durability and versatility, this water resistant eco-friendly flooring is the most affordable option when it comes to floor coverings.

With linoleum, usually three types of product type are available: sheet, tile and floating tiles. Forms such as sheet and tile can be glued on the subfloor. The floating tiles are like laminate ones that come in several sizes and can be interlocked to form a floating floor.

Linoleum floor coverings are high quality natural floors with innovative designs. They are made of natural raw materials and are a significant part of contemporary architecture. It is an eco-friendly choice for residential and commercial applications. Linoleum is highly sustainable and durable, and available in numerous colour combinations.

Though linoleum is a resilient type of floor it can be affected by scratches or can lift at the edges. The stress on edges weakens the bond of the glue. Cuts and scratches can be repaired with a liquid seam sealer. Larger holes or patch spots in linoleum can be easily filled with matching tiles. Stains can be avoided by wiping spills with a mop or soft cloth. Open seams can be repaired using a metal transition strip or seam sealer to fill holes. With a doormat, one can prevent scratches on the floor.

Company Spotlight: Forbo Flooring Systems


At Forbo Flooring Systems, find the largest range of sustainable floor coverings. Forbo flooring products are installed in about 125 different countries, in commercial and financial buildings, in offices and residential settings. With around 2800 people employed in 20 countries, Forbo Flooring is one of the most well-known global suppliers of linoleum. Forbo's brand of linoleum called Marmoleum are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. The demand for eco-friendly Marmoleum flooring is growing at high rate.