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Upofloor is a Finnish flooring manufacturer that was established in 1955 in the town of Nokia. Since 2012 Upofloor is part of Kährs Group. Established in 1857, Kährs is one of Europe's oldest and leading wood floor manufacturers with a brand that is recognized globally. Today we are a full-service flooring supplier of floorings for public premises in our export markets. Our guiding operating principle is to systematically expand our offerings in advanced and ecological floorings. We take pride in being able to provide a wide variety of safe and environmentally friendly products for public premises subject to heavy wear.
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Upofloor Oy Kuopio
+358 20 740 9600
Karelia-Upofloor Oy, PO Box 1188, Kuopio, Finland
An der Römerbrücke 6, SAARBRÜCKEN, Germany