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Metal structures have evolved over the years to be the most favored building material for residential as well commercial buildings. The overwhelming benefits of metal, especially steel  structures, makes it one of the most sought-after building options available today. Even concrete as a building material benefits from the addition of a structural steel frame. With high design flexibility, metal structures offer great freedom of design and also provide ease of maintenance, thus being a smart choice among architects.

Metal structures can be painted in different colors and coated in different ways to fulfill various performance criteria. There are many different types of metals used to make these products. The most popular metal types include steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper tubing.

Among the most common types of metal structures are steel structures. These include steel building systems, steel trusses, steel beams and columns, steel lattice structures, steel frame structures and joints as well. A vital aspect of these different types of metal structures is that they offer superior strength and do not rapidly age or deteriorate.

With very high tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio, metal structures, especially steel versions are a very good choice for a lighter building with a moderate foundation. Ease of construction is another important benefit of metal structures. Extremely ductile, stiff and strong, these structures can be fabricated into a countless variety of shapes and forms.

The installation process for metal structures is also uncomplicated compared to structures made using other types of materials. Steel structures can be easily assembled by welding or bolting pieces together on site. When the tension and compression stress of a building is distributed across steel beams, architects enjoy more freedom and design flexibility within a space. Additionally, steel structures equip architects with the ability to make last minute alterations.

Highly reliable, modern structural metal components are easy to erect after fabrication. Streamlined efficiency of metal structures results in great cost effectiveness. Technological developments ensure that there is unfettered availability of different types of components in the market. Since metal has always been a noncombustible material, high fire resistance can be linked with metal structures.

Another advantage of using a metal structure is its ability to prevent corrosion. Metal architectural structures available today come with fire and water-resistant coatings in order to offer maximum protection against water and fire damage. Lacking the porosity needed for mildew and mold growth, metal structures easily becomes a perfect option for residential as well as commercial building construction.

Managing metal structures at a construction site becomes easy due to offsite fabrication and speedy component assembly. With high sustainability credentials, metal structures are completely biodegradable and endlessly recyclable as a building material.


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