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All About Office Booths


Office booths are isolated spaces which are crafted for the privacy of employees. Often these days, people rent or buy large open spaces without any rooms or partitions and then divide that space into different sub-spaces by constructing offices booths. These booths are a temporary setup and can be shifted from one place to another when needed. They also offer a wide range privacy degrees for the employees. There are some offices where these booths are provided for each and every individual employee, while in other offices, team managers or some other person who is in a higher post is provided with the booth.

Generally these booths are surrounded on all the sides with walls which can be crafted using different materials like glass, fiber, etc. These office booths have a desk which can accommodate a computer, telephone, chair, and some extra place for the movement of a person. People present outside the booth cannot hear or see the person inside if the booth when it is not made with glass and vice versa.

There are many benefits of these booths. The first benefit is privacy usually. Privacy of the employees is a main concern for many organizations. There are some organizations where a cubicle is enough for an employee but there are some other organizations where an employee must be given complete privacy while he/she is working. For such organizations, booths are the perfect option. Coffee or lunch booths are perfect for employees to interact during breaks. These booths are an apt option for the employees in organizations where privacy is a must.

There are different types of booths in the market. As said earlier, some of the booths are designed to provide privacy to individual employees. These booths are similar to acabin except that they are just a temporary arrangement. There are also coffee and lunch booths which provide employees the opportunity to meet and socialize during breaks. Some booths are especially designed for client interactions. Meeting booths are another type where all employees meet to discuss significant issues. Booths add a different look to offices. Gone are those days where cubicles seemed to be the best fit for an office..

Booths are usually a temporary setup so the installation of these must be done with the help of a professional. Cleaning of the booth must be done following normal cleaning guidelines. The walls, doors and other furniture present in the room must be cleaned with damp cloth. The installation and removal of the booths must be done with the experts only.


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