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All About Planters


A planter is a container that is used for planting indoor and outdoor plants. These are often used in the garden, patio or as part of landscaping of the yard. Planters are made of different materials which makes it best to involve in all types of textures and designs that enhance the space. The size may vary depending on the area and can be used to fill the window ledge. These are easy to move around the house for greenery in every season and space. Thus, planters are a great way to create a colorful and lush look to an outdoor space.


Planters are specifically designed for outdoor and indoor use. These provide a great way for apartment dwellers to make use of small patios or balconies as space to grow flowers, plants and vines. Planters made of plastic are lightweight and pocket friendly. Pottery planters are decorative but tend to break easily. Planters which are made of brick or concrete last for a number of years. These are bit expensive and are ideal for the landscaping process. In addition, wooden planters made of natural material reinforce the look of the patio area.

Planters are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes styles and finishes. The various types include hanging baskets, wall pots, stacking pots, railing planters, glass containers, plastic pots, fibre planters, clay, ceramic and concrete pots etc. One can create a tabletop grouping of mix-and-match pots filled with plants of different heights. The different blooming plants create a wonderful burst of color for a drab area of the yard or garden.

Planters require extensive maintenance or else these begin to break down in few seasons. So, proper maintenance is important as it is a great way to bring life and color into the garden. To maintain the best look of planter, make sure to wash it regularly and wax the surface. Use a wash cloth and warm soapy water as needed. Avoid using materials which may scratch the planters such as steel wool or other abrasive sponges. For a glossy or high polished look, waxing is recommended. One can elevate indoor botanicals with window side plant stand, perennial blooms and other decorative flowers. Modern planters in matte finish and shiny home accents are used for a balanced look.

Planters are the best way to maximize the number of plants that can be grown in a small space. With the right layout, one can grow the perfect vertical gardening space more efficiently, which produces a greater yield. Proper care with enough soil, water and sunlight creates the perfect gardening space. Planters can be easily placed in patios, balconies and window boxes, thus enhancing the decor of the space.

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