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All about Pool Tables


Pool is a very popular game all around the world. In addition to experiencing the thrill and excitement of playing this wonderful game, purchasing a pool table offers many advantages. A pool table provides an opportunity for family members to spend some time together and have fun. With hectic schedules and busy activities, people often stay confined to their own rooms or spaces. A pool table brings everybody together and allows people to play together, improving the bonding between family members. Pool tables can also be found in clubs, pubs and pool halls. 

When it comes to buying a pool table, several aspects need to be taken into consideration. The most important things to look for are cabinet surface, legs, frames, cushions/rails, cloth/felt and playing equipment/accessories. Holding 90% of the overall weight, cabinets form the most vital component of pool tables. They must be supported with strong legs to keep pool tables undamaged for a long time.

Based on the material used to make the surface, pool tables can be classified into different categories; slate bed tables, MDF bed tables, wooden pool tables, rubber pool tables and metallic pool tables. With a playing surface made using slate, slate bed tables are equipped with a cloth covering to make the playing surface consistent and smooth. Thicker slate is used to make expensive and larger slate pool tables that can be seen in clubs and pool halls. Highly resistant to deterioration, slate bed pool tables offer the truest playing surface.

As the name suggests, the playing surface of the MDF bed tables is made using MDF. MDF refers to a type of hardboard which is made from wood fibers. Highly cost effective, these types of pool tables are extensively used at homes. The operational efficiency of MDF bed tables fall short compared to slate bed tables.

Wooden pool tables are also widely used in several homes as well as clubs. There are rubber pool tables and metallic pool tables that can be chosen based on individual preferences and tastes. Modern pool table design concepts combine metal and wood together along with velvet cushions to make pool tables more stylish and elegant, while maintaining functionality at optimal levels.  


Manufacturer Spotlight : Fusiontables


Fusiontables are the brainchild of Saluc Company, which offers high quality pool tables under the brand name Aramith. The design team of this eminent manufacturer came up with a revolutionary table concept in 1997 that combines a dining table and a pool table. This all-in-one product is known as fusiontable.    

Equipped with a modern sleek design, Fusiontables optimize functionality, style and aesthetic appeal to offer players an unbelievable playing and dining experience. Aramith products are immensely popular all over the world for their style, design, flexibility, creativity and aesthetics. 


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