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All about Tables


Table is a general term that is used to represent a wide variety of furniture pieces. There are several different types of tables available today. Offering rich and varied functional benefits, tables easily fulfill varying needs of different rooms. The utility aspects combine perfectly with aesthetic advantages to make the table one of the most versatile furniture solutions available nowadays.  

Available in a broad range of designs, styles, shapes, colors, finishes and sizes, tables meet every type of décor requirements. Coffee tables are a very popular type of table furniture that is normally placed in the center part of the seating area in spaces such as living rooms and family rooms. Narrower than coffee tables, end tables or side tables are taller in size and are used alone to display lamps and other decorative elements.  

Certainly one of the most popular types of table furniture for kitchens and dining rooms, dining tables are available in different shapes such as square, round, oval, and rectangular. These types of tables can also be found in different designs, styles and configurations, along with numerous characteristics, configurations and finishes.

Other popular types of tables include console, counter, pub, dressing, high bar, nesting, pool, ping pong, and sideboard tables. Computer desks, trestles and residential desks also come under the table furniture category. Table also stands for many other types of furniture products widely used in residential and commercial buildings.

The characteristics of tables vary between different types and models. There are handmade, illuminated, modular, adjustable, ecological, extending and folding tables available on the market. Several types of materials are used to make tables including stone, wood, metal plastic, glass, composite and ceramic as well.

Highly fashionable, glass tables add a touch of elegance to any room. These types of furniture easily become the focal point and enhance the overall ambiance with maximum impact. As a durable material, metal is a very popular choice in making different types of tables. Metal tables are available in stylistic designs and shapes, and are highly resilient to daily wear and tear compared to other materials.

Offering a classical charm, wood tables create a warm and earthy feeling. The natural and timeless beauty of wood tables combined with robust practicality makes them one of the most favored choices available on the market. Leading manufacturers combine glass, wood and metal to make aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional tables that add warmth and character to any space.

Utilizing the amazing possibilities of technology and creativity, modern table design solutions optimize functionality and aesthetics harmoniously to surpass the expectations of customers. There are countless choices available today to accommodate the differing needs of all types of spaces, buildings and customers.


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