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All About Stoves

Stoves are the most essential device in a kitchen. It is a cooking device used worldwide for cooking different types of food on it. It may contain an oven as well using one which can make different bakery items. With time stoves have evolved a lot and are now available in different efficient models which are suitable for the use of modern living. They can be of portable nature and make use of fuel or electricity to provide heat to the food item which is being cooked on it. In a cost-efficient manner, stoves provide the most convenient way of cooking food.

With a stove, one has full control of the temperature. By merely adjusting the knob a person can control the temperature and master their cooking skills. In a very short period of time, it helps in preparing different food items. Stoves evenly distribute heat to the cooking pot, which ensures the food gets an adequate amount of heat and there are no chances that it will get burned. The temperature must be adjusted according to the nature of food which is being cooked. Stoves are extremely easy to use. Most gas stoves can be used for cooking even if there is no electricity.

Stoves are available in two types: gas stoves and electric stoves. Both of these offer a convenient and flexible ways of cooking. On the basis of individual preference and area where it has to be used one can decide whether to go for gas stoves or electric stoves. Gas stoves are available in three types: standing pilot, electric ignition, and sealed burners. With standing pilot, a constant flame is provided and it consumes maximum energy. Electric ignition is most popularly used. Using an electric spark, the burner is ignited. Sealed burners do not burn as hot as these two, but these are easy to use and clean as well. These gas stoves are available with 2 burners, 3 burners, 4 burners and 5 burners.

Stoves are available in stainless steel, black stainless steel, slate and black slate. One can get a wide variety of electric stoves belonging to model types like freestanding range and slide in range. Easy cleaning and maintenance work is required with stoves. Wipe the stove tops after every use. Also, make sure burners are completely cooled at the time of cleaning. A paste made up of baking powder and water can be used for cleaning stubborn spills. It is advised that one should not pour water on it directly as it may cause problems when it is used again. To get rid of food particles from burner make use of a gentle brush or stick. Even with electric stoves, one should clean it with every use. If accidentally a person spills food onto the burner, then immediately after cooking it should be cleaned as with time it will become very difficult to clean. Avoid using any type of harsh chemicals for cleaning purpose.