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It has often been said that indoor lighting plays a very prominent role in setting the mood in a room. Table lamps, being a highly versatile lighting option are widely utilized for different purposes including accenting, rendering pure aesthetics and creating an inviting ambiance. It is hard to find a better way than using table lamps to express a unique decorating style. An unexpected finishing touch can be achieved with these types of lighting fixtures.

Table lamps are available in hundreds of designs, styles and colors. These products can be installed in a room or space in numerous ways to achieve different functional and aesthetic objectives. In addition to styles, colors and designs, variety can be seen in terms of size, material, lampshade, light source and characteristics.

There are different types of materials used to make table lamps nowadays. Among the most common types of material is metal. These include steel, stainless steel, nickel, iron, copper, brass, carbon and aluminum. A vital aspect of metal table lamps is that they blend functional and decorative benefits to offer maximum value for buyers. Other common materials used to manufacture table lamps are glass, ceramic, plastic, fabric, wood and stone.

Offering excellent flexibility, table lamps make use of different light sources such as halogen, LED, fluorescent, incandescent and OLED to illuminate a given space. Available with different characteristics including wireless, dimmable, custom, swing-arm, adjustable, low-voltage, orientable, handmade and sculpture, table lamps can achieve different types of performance criteria and aesthetic yardsticks.

There are some table lamps that come with pure decorative or aesthetic benefits while some others primarily focus on illuminating a space. Modern table lamp design concepts and solutions combine these two aspects perfectly to fulfill the varying needs of different people.

With shades made using cut-stained galls pieces, Tiffany lamps have always been a popular decorative table lamp choice that can also be used to meet accent lighting purposes. A soothing ambiance can be created with fiber optic table lamps that are also capable of illuminating a dark corner in a visually striking way. 

Offering soft and warm light, nightstand lamps are basically kept on bedside without causing any disturbance to sleep. There are many more table lamp versions like bankers, piano, novelty, desk/study, lava, salt and buffet that can be selected based on the décor, needs and preferences of the individual. 

Popular table lamps styles include country/cottage, mid-century modern, contemporary, craftsman, industrial and many more. There is also tremendous variety in terms of lamp size and shade. With amazing choices available on the market, table lamps easily fulfill every type of need and budget. Renowned manufactures have also come up with some innovative table lamp solutions that break all existing conventions and customs.     


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