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All About Vases for Public Areas

Most people enjoy admiring vases flourishing with uniquely mixed colored flowers. Vases are sure to accentuate the beauty of flowers kept in public areas such as restaurants, schools and offices. Vases for public areas reflect the style and elegance of the place, thereby adding grace to a space. Expensive vase pieces are frequently considered as a symbol of luxury and can make spaces unique. The empty spaces or corners of offices, restaurants or hotels can become livelier simply by placing a uniquely styled vase.

Vases are available in the market in several compositions such as ceramic, glass, rust resistive metal, clay, crystal and bead. One may even find vases made of of wood. In fact, people since the ancient periods have admired wooden vases. These vases are typically made of rot resistant tree species such as teak. Teak vases can be protected just by applying a layer of protective coat to the wooden item. Such vases cannot be broken easily until and unless something accidental happens. Other than this, crystal, glass, or metal vases are likewise easy to maintain. However, crystal or glass vases are not recommended for high traffic spaces or where small children are present.

Vases are categorized into two options: floor vase and table vase. Because of their form and beauty, vases may even be positioned in space without flowers.   Vases can be an ideal addition to compliment the architecture of a space, creating a range of moods and atmospheres.

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