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All About Street Furniture 

Street furniture is a term for items or objects which are installed in streets and roads for various purposes. It includes equipments such as benches, traffic benches, bollards, post boxes, street lamps, traffic lights, taxi stands, fountains etc. The furniture is designed according to the aesthetics, visual identity, function, pedestrian mobility and road safety. These items when added to streets and roads help direct traffic, inform road users, and help pedestrians. The popularity of street furniture has become so much that one can easily recognize the location by their design. 

Street furnishings provide important amenities for pedestrians by adding functionality and vitality to the pedestrian realm. The amenities such as traffic signals and signage provide a functional service to the pedestrian with visual detail. The improved street vitality enhances public safety and comfort, health of local businesses, local real estate value, and transportation habits.

The most popular materials used for street furniture are steel and wood; other possibilities are stone, concrete, recycled plastic and various other materials. Recycled plastic is a popular material for street furniture and is more appropriate indoors. As the furniture is often vandalized by burning, slashing, carving, and spray painting, hence, it is important to use the materials and styles resistant to vandalism. The furnishings with finishes and coatings are more durable and secure as these resist stickers, graffiti and bacteria. 

The extensive street furniture range includes bollards, litter & recycling bins, seating, picnic benches, planters and more. These products are available in a variety of styles and finishes, from classic and traditional to contemporary designs which suit any application and integrate into the surrounding environment. 

Street furniture provides both functional and aesthetical benefits. The items such as Bollards provide safety to the pedestrians; litter bins encourage correct disposal of the waste materials. The street furniture can help keep footpaths, public areas cleaner for longer and also provide resting places for the elderly and people with mobility issues. 

Properly commissioned and placed street furniture can draw people to the location and give them reasons to stay. Modern design and engineering skills have added another dimension to street furniture. The choice of styles and aesthetics is now limitless. It can promote a sense of identity, with the location’s heritage and individual character on proud display.

Maintenance ease and functionality including durability and resistance, aesthetics is an ideal criterion to choose Street furniture. The high quality design of street furniture has become a focus of attention in urban landscape design. The furnishings enable a city to become closer knit as a community, a space where people can gather, share and experience life together. Well-designed street furniture enables cities to continually update outdoor spaces sustainably while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

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