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All About Waste Bins

Typically made out of metal or plastic, other common terms for waste bins are garbage cans or trash cans.

There are many different kinds of waste bins available in the market. These waste bins are made out of materials such as Polyethylene (LLDPE – Linear Low-density Polyethylene). Other than PE, PP, NYLON (PA6, PA66), PVC, EVA are also available widely used waste bin materials. Throwing waste in the wrong bin can contaminate the recycling process and increase the cost of waste disposal

Today, waste bins come in many varieties. Technologically-advanced products include Wheeled Dustbin, Two-Wheeled Dustbin, and Four-Wheeled Dustbin. Comprehensive waste management services and the large assortment of products have numerous uses in residential complexes, hotels, industries, hospitals, and restaurants. Waste bins can hold a different kind of capacities, typically ranging to a capacity of 100 Litres.

Waste management can typically  be differentiated by 3 coloured bins for different waste types:

1. Blue bin is for recyclable waste

2. Brown bin is for kitchen and garden waste

3. Green or Gray bin is for non-recyclable waste

Each bin is associated with three types of signage. Each bin will have the stream name near the opening of the bin. A descriptive text label listing the acceptable items in each bin type should be placed on the front of the bin. These stickers are often provided by the local authority for the areas. Bins in each space should also have pictures of acceptable waste materials. These are placed in the space above the bin, providing the user with visual information about sorting waste materials. Locating the recycling bins close to the user has shown a positive influence on recycling behaviour in most settings.

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