Nautique Multi-Purpose Receptacle

  • Multi-Purpose Euro design from modern receptacle to modern lighting fixture
  • Rugged salt spray-proof 304-Stainless Steel
  • Stainless-Steel adjustable feet or theft-proof screw down frame
  • Leak-proof inner bin of rugged LLDPE Plastic
  • Invert and hang with translucent shade for a modern lighting fixture



Product Name
Nautique Multi-Purpose Receptacle
Tom Boyce
United States

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Product Specs


Nautique Euro Style Multi-purpose Receptacle

indoor Spa and Pool towel Receptacle
stainless steel and leak-proof bin
Outdoor Pool Towel Receptacle
stainless steel, leak-proof bin, adjustable feet
Interior Exterior Trash or Recycling Receptacle
stainless steel, leak-proof bin, adjustable feet
Restaurant Trash or Recycling bin
rugged stainless steel cage and UV-proof inner bin
Salon Towel Laundry Bin
Rugged sanitizer proof inner bin, adjustable feet
Ski Area, Beach and Yacht Club Receptacle
stainless steel and uv- bin with security screw down frame
Salt spray proof receptacle
316-Stainless Frame and LLDPE UV-proof bin
Modern Indoor / Exterior Lighting Fixture
Hanging stainless steel frame with translucent inner shade protected by stainless steel frame


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The classic Nautique cylindrical receptacle with timeless euro-styling looks appropriate in designs from ultra-modern to art deco.  The Nautique is a multi-purpose bion, one of three DeepStream models of trash bins and recycling receptacles. It can be used as a trash bin or recycling receptacle, or as a Spa Towel Retun Bin bu changing the badges.  Perfect for indoor use, yet rugged enough for the harshest outdoor conditions.

You can even hang it upside down by the 425 mm high stainless-steel frame fitted with an optional translucent shade to create an interesting, cost-effective, lumière in a large space, such as lodges, bars, lobbies, and restaurants.

The Nautique resists all the elements that nature can throw at it, from ski areas with snow and chemical deicers to beach bars with a salty ocean environment.  Inside the stainless-steel frame is a rugged 24-gallon UV-resistant heavy gauge recycled LLPDE bin liner in a choice of stone white or gray granite.

The liner is easily drilled for drainage in extreme outdoor locations. Used indoors, with or without a lid, the Nautique's leakproof bin is a perfect towel return receptacle for gyms, yoga studios, pools, saunas, salons, and spa environments using disinfectants. 

The outer frame is 5/16” welded 304 passivated stainless-steel rod.  The base is stainless steel flat bar with 4 replaceable stainless steel adjustable leveling feet fitted with never-mar plastic inserts.  The feet may be removed for permanent installations and fastened to the deck with stainless tapcon fasteners to prevent movement or theft.

While you may choose to use the Nautique without a lid or without a bag, there are 4 lid choices:

·   Silver-gray Kydex indoor lids with either a 9” or 12” opening which meet UL-94H fire specifications.

·   Stainless-steel "museum" lid for places where smokers congregate and extinguish their cigarettes on any convenient surface.

·   Silver-gray LLDPE plastic UV-proof lid with a 9" opening that will stand up to years of use in the sun and, like all options, is highly chemical resistant. 


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