10 Roof Pavilion

10 Roof Pavilion

Espiral Arquitectos
Zapallar, Región de Valparaíso, Chile
Project Year
Pablo Casals Aguirre

10 Roof Pavilion

Espiral Arquitectos as Architects

The project corresponds to the design of the exterior and leisure spaces of a beach house in a condominium, located on a land in front of the sea and with a steep slope, on the E-30F road, between the villages of Zapallar and Papudo, in the V region of Chile.

The design of the condominium predisposes a terraced occupation of the slope, locating the existing house, together with the parking lots, in the upper levels of the land, locating a small stone terrace with a pool in the lower part of the property, with the possibility of connecting to the coastal and public pedestrian path, on the lower edge of the property.

The unfinished situation of the original project, in the connection to the sea and in the distances between the house and the pool, made it possible to propose a new landscaping; that would build the edges of the property, the development of the slope and the new spaces for the living and for the leisure, in the beach sector, articulating the relationship between housing and the sea-edge, and optimizing the use and autonomy of places.

The slope of the land and the views, both towards the house and towards the sea, give place to the proposal of design, articulated on the idea to develop a large roof suspended over a breast wall in a terraced land, with the aim of creating new spaces and places for the residents, with the possibility of being built with independence and autonomy between them. Likewise, the roof is designed to blend with the terrain and the aesthetics of the existing house, allowing to the wall to structure the land and place the covered program inside, constituting a landmark in the landscape, and as a guide during the walk through the property, framing the views both towards the sea and towards the coast.

Finally, the design is projected starting by four complementary terraces; a stone and covered terrace for the cooking and for the hot tub, a stone terrace for the pool, a sun terrace for sunbathing and a last rocky terrace as a closing towards the coastal public road. Inside the covered area, and inside the breast wall, all the detonating enclosures of leisure are projected on the terraces; a large wood-burning grill, a gas grill, a dish washing area, a work table, a fridge and a toilet / pantry, are projected protected by curtains and security doors to maintain an airtight and closed wall when the facility is not In use. In front of the programmatic breast wall, the covered terrace it extend and faces the sea, where the living, play and celebration spaces are developed, within a flexible and versatile space: here the dining room, the bar and the living room, which also it is connected to the vertical circulation of the property; to the elevator and the staircase, and with the lower terraces, where the pool terrace is protected by flower boxes and glass closures to maintain a safe area for the children.

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