210 Residential Apartment

210 Residential Apartment

Negin Shahr Ayandeh (NESHA)
Mehrshahr, Karaj, Alborz, Iran | View Map
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210 Residential Apartment

Negin Shahr Ayandeh (NESHA) as Architects

Apartment 210, with 11 residential units and the total area of 2500 square meters has been constructed on a land of 1000 square meters in the second phase of Mehrshahr district in Karaj city, Iran. Unit areas vary from two-bedroom 115 square meters flat to three-bedroom 210 square meters duplex in a 5-storey building.


One of the most important features of residential spaces in Mehrshahr, is the significance of open and green spaces. The relation of residential spaces with yard and garden is immediate and spending time in open spaces is of a high importance in everyday life. In spite of density, building spaces have organized from the interaction of open and closed spaces in public and private realms.


The staircase, the vertical access of the building, turned to an excuse to develop the vertical public open space. The presence of vase flowers, small gardens, shrubs, and plants on the edges of this vertical promenade has created green terraces and receding courtyards so that it can secure the relationship between the apartments – even those on the higher stories – with the public open space. The introverted identity of this space along with its brick walls has elements from natural outdoor settlements and by creating a slice in the building, the façade has been divided to a mixture of the two introverted public open space and extroverted private apartments.


With the increasing development process in urban construction and mass production, meeting the diverse needs of residents is one of the major challenges in the planning and the design of such apartments. A variety of patterns and residential spaces in response to residents' social diversity are considered as one of the most important ideas of the project. So, the whole complex comprised of eleven unique apartment units was formed.

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