35 dwellings in Lezkairu

35 dwellings in Lezkairu

Calle Cataluña, 2-522, 31006 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain | View Map
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Private Houses
José Manuel Cutillas

35 dwellings in Lezkairu

AH ASOCIADOS as Architects

In the design of these houses, a great variety of architectural subjects and some recent concerns in the technical fields have been approached, such as those related to flexibility or sustainability; others are recurrent issues of disciplinary history, such as the way of implantation or the relationship with the environment. These elements look for an attractive building in its visual forms, efficient in all its functional aspects and, finally, adequate to its surroundings, beyond the limits of its urban form. The building is strongly conditioned from the formal point of view, due to urban design itself and its normative framework. A residential, light glass prism with a ventilated facade of laminated modular glass and metal trays provides a random and changing image, reflecting natural light, supported by an imposing commercial concrete base.

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