3D Printed Models

3D Printed Models

Commercials/Industrials, Cities and Art Galleries
New Territories, Hong Kong
HK3DPrint Company Limited

3D Printing For Architectures

HK3DPRINT Co. Ltd. as 3D Printing Services

3D Printing For Architectures

3D printing lets architects and designers enhance design innovation, quickly produce 3D printed concept and massing models with complex surfaces and geometries for presentation purposes.

High resolution, highly detailed, highly complex organic designs possible using our state-of-the-art professional grade 3D printing systems imported from USA and Europe.

Competitive advantages: •Maximize design time by shortening model production time •Compress design cycles , easier to get project approval and deliver projects faster

Service details : •HIGH QUALITY - Quickly produce 3D printed models with complex surfaces and geometries near impossible by hand and exceed your expectations in quality and detail •ACCURATE - Build more accurate models directly from 3D CAD files eliminating hand making errors •IMPRESSIVE - Affordably produce superfine 3D printed models for presentation •FAST - Reliable 1-2 day services available •EXPERT - Offer 3D printing advice on architectural projects and custom solutions based on your project requirements

Types of 3D printed models : ◦Concept and presentation models ◦Master plan and Site models ◦Interior furniture models ◦Sectional models ◦Engineering models

Material options : •White plastic (e.g. Nylon SLS), full colour plaster composite, ABS-M30, PC and Smooth Hi-res plastic materials available


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