3M Hellas: A New Customer Meeting Area

3M Hellas: A New Customer Meeting Area

Attica, Greece
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3M Hellas: A New Customer Meeting Area At The Head Offices

Stirixis Group as Consultants

3M is a global company that applies science to develop products and solutions to make life easier, better, and more complete for people all around the world. It operates in more than 70 countries and sells over 50,000 3M products in nearly 200 markets.

3M Hellas assigned to Stirixis Group the creation of the company’s customer area at its head offices in Athens, aiming at the same time to a result that could easily be adapted in other markets worldwide.

Stirixis, approached the project holistically, with a strategic focus on bringing 3M’s positioning into real life, express the company’s identity, innovative character and prestige as well as ensure the concept’s worldwide usage.The distinctive and minimal architectural design the elegant branding as well as the real applications of 3M products and solutions in various surfaces and furniture served that objective. Stirixis delivered an easily adaptable concept, addressed the client’s needs as well as ensured a timely and cost-efficient execution.

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