43 social housing in Saint-Denis, France

43 social housing in Saint-Denis, France

PARC Architectes
Saint-Denis, France
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Social Housing
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43 social housing units in two buildings

PARC Architectes as Architects

Between the Seine river and the railways, Saint-Denis confluence is a former industrial site. An extensive housing program will replace the former buildings. Reinterpreting both to the barge and the sheds, those two buildings seek to bring more comfort, more surface area and more uses to social housing units, through a systematic double-orientation and the multiplication of outdoor spaces.

The two buildings multiply outdoor spaces: individual gardens on the ground floor, loggias on the street and the garden, wide outdoor walkways. To eliminate thermal bridges and reduce noise pollution, loggias and walkways are autonomous structures. They are integrated to the volume through an aluminum corrugated skin. Such as bridges on a boat, walkways allow children and parents to walk, meet and play.

- Operation : Social housing in Saint-Denis (near Paris), France - Program :43 social housing units in two buildings - Client : Groupe Brémond - Architects : PARC Architectes - Consultants : SNC Lavalin (structure, hydraulics and electrical) - Cost : 3 820 000 € (HT) - Surface : 3 400 m2 - Site : Saint-Denis confluence, rue du port 93200 Saint-Denis, FRANCE - Environmental quality : BBC, H&E Profil A - General contractor : Stefco (concrete) - Photography : Thomas Lang - Calendar : start of the project : 2011 / completion date : 2015

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