A house on the line of the horizon

A house on the line of the horizon

KMA - Kabarowski Misiura Architects
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Krzysztof Smyk

A house on the line of the horizon

KMA - Kabarowski Misiura Architects as Architects

A house which is on the borderline. On the verge. On the line of the horizon. It is a white, horizontal hyphen between the blue and the greenery.

It is a suburban, detached villa with an intriguing contour and perfectly white, smooth walls. The edges of the roof were outlined with a robust line and three parts of the building readjusted one against another were optically connected in one. Huge glazing added some lightness to a compact mass and enabled the sunlight to permeate the interiors.

The axe which organizes the plan of the whole building is an open and bright space of the living room and dining room. The latter can be extended for the floor surface of the terrace only by parting the panoramic windows. Partly glazed corridor leads to four bedrooms. At the end of this passage there is a swimming pool. Its enormous sliding windows guarantee sufficient amount of sunlight and provide a picturesque view over the garden. And in summer these two spaces fully merge.

A piece of an unusual world has been created in the suburbs of Wrocław. It is full of light and effortless elegance. A precise contour of the building has become an inherent part of the horizon. Glass panes, dazzling whiteness of walls and smoothness of the concrete have perfectly complemented the landscape.

Having avoided any ostentation it was possible to create a space which is modern, which emanates peace and harmony and discreet charm of luxury.


Material Used:

1. Panoramah! - minimal frame sliding windows - ah!38

2. Fermacell - glass fibre-reinforced lightweight concrete board - fermacell® Powerpanel HD

Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Minimal Frame Sliding Windows - Ah!38panoramah!®panoramah!®38, ah!38
Glass Fibre-Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Board - Fermacell® Powerpanel HDFermacell
Product Spec Sheet
Minimal Frame Sliding Windows - Ah!38
Glass Fibre-Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Board - Fermacell® Powerpanel HD
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