A2-house「shell house」

A2-house「shell house」

Architect Show co.,Ltd
Fukuoka, Japan
Project Year
Toshihisa Ishii

A2-house「shell house」

Architect Show co.,Ltd as sato masahiko

The house with the name of "shell" is located a short distance away from the Fukuoka city. Traffic volume of the road on the north side a lot, surrounding areas, Store and housing disarray, site is surrounded by other houses. "Shell house" was designed to protect the residents from these elements, foster family, as the housing of safety and security. Outer wall is based on white, beautiful wood grain is now housing impressive. It does not provide a large window on the outer wall facing the north side of the road. The first thought in the protection of privacy, we designed a facade impressive. In contrast, the courtyard on the south side is a space where families and children can play and the outer. So is the space that can spend the time of peace and reunion. Living is designed to facing the courtyard, space utilization, which as a whole that the courtyard and living is possible. In addition, we provide a light coat for the incorporation of light to the interior of the housing, forming the space bright and airy room at all. And think of the people who live in urban areas "to sequester the hustle and bustle around, want to spend the space of only family" and, it was multiplied by the design. It is a house that was designed to be able to live comfortably.

shooting: Blitz STUDIO Toshihisa Ishii

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