Absolute Green Urban Tree

Absolute Green Urban Tree

Geotectura Studio
Unknown, Israel

Absolute Green Urban Tree

Geotectura Studio as Architects

Architecture Team: Dr. Joseph Cory (Geotectura Studio)

Short Description: PV4All is a planning paradigm that explores original use of photovoltaic technologies in a growing need for a sustainable environment. Whatever we design and no matter what the size of our product is we must overlay it with PV in the manner you can see in all of GEOTECTURA's work. The main motivation of the PV4All design is the need to merge architecture together with ecological values and cost effective technological design. PV4All promotes global awareness and communal responsibility and sees beyond a single short term solutions. It is a complete design philosophy and not just a single product or prototype. This technological implementation concept should be for the people, increasing awareness and willingness around the globe. This urban scale structure contains greenhouse platforms on each of the dwelling floating cubes in the sky while keeping a minimal footprint on the ground. The bioclimatic structure capsule approach enables space and function flexibility. Freedom & Individuality in design of the size and function of each unit are preserved within each cube giving panoramic viewpoints and optimal air flow. Together with the multi dimensional absolute green environment and the terrace sky courts this versatile self sufficient capsules are reflecting a personal responsibility and commitment even in a higher ground. This new concept of two helicoids prefabricated infrastructure is like a growing urban tree trying to improve the dwellers' life quality while living in the sky. The energy cubes incorporate PV technology and water tank facilities making this building energy independent. These mega cubes are weaving nature and communities back into the dense city.

Award: Honorable Mention in the International Lisbon Ideas Challenge Competition, 2006

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