Adiuvat Coffee Roaster QuiNhon

Adiuvat Coffee Roaster QuiNhon

A+H architect
Quy Nhơn, Bình Định, Viet Nam | View Map
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Quang Tran

Adiuvat Coffee Roaster QuiNhon

A+H architect as Architects

An idea of a calmness and serenity place, located in an old street with a long historical of the city, highlighted with the typical townhouse architecture style before 1975 which including a ground floor & a floor with the signature pebble washout on the facades.


After a few times of renovation before, the house has changed its appearance and get downgraded in general. In order to return it back to the original, the pebble washout has been reused for the facade combined with a big iron sign plate being fine tuning with a harmonic ratio; after a few rainy and dry seasons, the wall and the iron plate are being tone down and getting blended to the context of the street.


The layout of atrium spaces alternating with the low spaces, with the large atrium space where the bar is located (the heart space), these atrium spaces are intended to create more interactions between people, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.


Structural system with old fibre cement roofing going with old girder and wooden floor are considered to be reprocessed for reuse purpose, then combining with building techniques of the local builders: A combination of pebble washout walls transition with wood walls and then grey cement walls going with concrete floor grinding and tune up with glass & wood materials.


All together helps optimize investment costs and also bringing the local vibe to the project.

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Cemaric on walls and floor toilet
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